Grand Commandery Committees



Finance:  Jack J. Bell, Chair; Roger W. Buterbaugh; Barry L. Pinson

Memorial:  Rev. Donald C. Combs, Chair; T. Matthew Sanford; James W. Bard

Jurisprudence:  William F. Shepard, Chair; Paul E. Wells; Johnie M. Garmon; Danny Wofford

Charters/By-Laws/Dispensations: Joe E. Turner, Chair; F. Andrew Lane Jr.; Danny Wofford

Triennial: Bobby B. Simmons, Chair; Terry L. Hensley; James B. Phillips

Education: (KTEF, Inc., KTEF Div., & MSM) Clyde E. Griffin, Chair; Bobby B. Simmons, Vice Chair; James B. Phillips; James E. Stevens; Doyle R. Hatfield

Relief: Ditmar W. Chavez, Chair; Mark A. Bradley; Wade C. Smith; Doyle R. Hatfield

KTEF & MSM Eye Trust:  Tyler W. Pledger, Chair; Ryan C. Nealey; Michael H. Sampsell

Patriotic & Civic:  Raymond G. Laird, Chair; Tommy T. Marshall; William W. Grist


Grand Commander’s Address: Bobby B. Simmons, Chair; Johnie M. Garmon; Paul E. Wells

Credentials: Bobby B. Simmons, Chair; John A. Minnich; Robert C. Lord

Holy Land Pilgrimage: Terry L. Hensley, Chair; Donald C. Combs; Gregory B. Foster

Easter Sunrise Service: Judd J. Wolfe, Chair; Mark A. Bradley; Lawrence M. Rich

Inspection Reports: William F. Shepard, Chair; Lloyd J. Leinbaugh; Floyd E. Edmondson

Long Range Planning: Mark A. Bradley, Chair; Tommy T. Marshall; Ditmar W. Chavez; Tyler W. Pledger; Raymond G. Laird; Daniel C. Ricketts; William W. Grist; Ryan C. Nealey

Membership: Tyler W. Pledger, Chair; 2nd Division: S. Matthew Sanford; 3rd Division: Tracy W. Lemasters; 4th Division: Daniel C. Ricketts; 5th Division: M. Shane Fann; 6th Division: Raymond G. Laird

Code Revision: Joe E. Turner, Chair; Andre E. Lovas; F. Andrew Lane Jr.

Perpetual Membership: Benjamin W. Polston, II, Chair; Michael H. Wilson; Larry C. Nichols; Mark A. Bradley; Wade C. Smith

Tactics and Ritual: Daniel C. Ricketts, Chair; Tommy T. Marshall, Carl J. Gamel

Education and Historical: C. Danny Wofford, Chair; Joe E. Turner; Daniel P. Bennett

Masonic Messenger Supplement: Michael H. Sampsell, Chair; Richard J. Hallwood; Keith R. Taylor

Editor, Ga. Supplement, KT, Magazine: Michael H. Sampsell, Chair; Richard J. Hallwood; Keith R. Taylor

Web Master: Thomas J. Chapman, Chair; Keith R. Taylor; J. Chris Brown

Foreign Correspondence: Joe E. Turner, Chair

Entertainment: Mark A. Bradley, Chair; Wade C. Smith; Ernest A. McCorkle; William F. Shepard; S. Matthew Perry

Audit: Ryan C. Nealey, Chair; Russell L. Lane; Jerry B. Vogler, Jr.

Grand Custodians of the Work:  North: Daniel C. Rickets; South: Tommy T. Marshall

GM York Rite Festival: Michael H. Sampsell, Chair; Daniel C. Ricketts; Mark A. Bradley; Wade C. Smith

Organist: Phillip C. Faulkner

Photographer: Robert W. Tidwell

Parliamentarian: Johnie M. Garmon

Sunshine: Floyd E. Edmondson