2017-2018 Grand Commandery Officers

DW Hendry

Drewey W. "Bill" Hendry (25)
Right Eminent Grand Commander

Charles Beasley

Charles R. Beasley (04)
Very Eminent Deputy Grand Commander

Steve Kirk

Steve A. Kirk (41)
Eminent Grand Generalissimo

Brandon S Yarbrough

Brandon S. Yarbrough (35)
Eminent Grand Captain General

Mark Johnson

Mark S. Johnson (22)
Eminent Grand Senior Warden

Carl Gamel

Carl J. Gamel (40)
Eminent Grand Junior Warden

Donald Combs

Reverend Donald C. Combs (07)
Eminent Grand Prelate

Robert L Gill

Robert L. Gill (36)
Eminent Grand Treasurer

Wade C Smith

Wade C. Smith (37)
Eminent Grand Recorder

Sonny Head

Robert L. Head, Jr. (03)
Eminent Grand Standard Bearer

Tommy Marshall

Tommy T. Marshall (36)
Eminent Grand Sword Bearer

Ditmar Chavez

Ditmar W. Chavez (03)
Eminent Grand Warder

Doyle Hatfield

Doyle R. Hatfield (03)
Eminent Grand Orator

Isiah Hardin

Isaiah T. Hardin (35)
Grand Captain of the Guard

Ray Laird

Raymond G. Laird (25)
Eminent Grand Sentinel

David Williams

David B. Williams, Jr. (45)
Excellent Grand Adjutant

Mark A. Collins (25)
Excellent Grand Adjutant

Robert Tidwell

Robert W. Tidwell (155)
Excellent Grand Photographer